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After intensive use, the turnout blankets are just as good as on the first day. One of my mares, definitely prone to hooliganism, has not yet managed to destroy hers. Visibility in fog and inclement weather increases as daylight decreases when I walk my horses on road sides. New to me: cars slowing down! That said for the product, a special mention for the service provided. Friendly, efficient, helpful. Thank you!

Pierre, Switzerland


Since wearing the amazing Don't Shoot Me riding apparel, I have never felt safer. The brilliant orange coloured riding helmet cover that I wear, and my horse's equally bright orange Don't Shoot Me quilted saddle pad and protective ear cover, makes us very visible when we are riding on the roads and trails. There was a time when cars and bikes would pass my horse and I at dangerous speeds and made necessary road riding a hazard. Waving my riding crop would not slow them down but now the wonderful orange colour of the Don't Shoot Me riding apparel does that for me. People have actually slowed down their cars and said out the window things like "nice hat" or "I love the colour of your hat". Other riders that see me on the trails have said my horse and I are amazingly visible from a long way off. Cyclists now slow down and say "great colour" or "where did you get that horse hat? I could see you from a long distance away." My horse Henry and I wish to thank Don't Shoot Me for the incredible difference your marvellous orange safety riding apparel and horse accessories have made to our riding experience.

Carol C, Puslinch, Ontario